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At True Vitality we believe that reaching optimum health is about you feeling your best and fully of energy, as well as looking good. Our holistic approach to health and fitness means we can also offer you a wide range of services including Pilates, Nutrition, Post Natal fitness as well as Personal Training. Try a pampering massage to help you relax, or a group class to help inject some extra fun and laughter in to your workouts.


Emily Yoga

Yoga with Emily O'Neill 


The word yoga means ‘union’. It is the union between the body and the mind which makes yoga so unique. Throughout yoga practice the breath is carefully regulated and coordinated with the movements of the body to create a deep sense of inner calm and mental rejuvenation, even during intense physical exertion. In this age of sedentary, stressful modern living, yoga can provide both physical and mental relief, stretching and opening up tight areas of the body and giving a chance for introspection and clearing the mind.


Vinyasa flow and Power yoga are dynamic in nature where ‘asanas’ or postures are linked together in a moving sequence, each movement corresponding with an inhalation or exhalation. They build heat naturally in the body which not only aids detoxification but also allows the muscles to stretch safely. At the same time you will also be strengthening and toning areas such as core, legs, and arms as well as building cardiovascular endurance. These sessions are a real workout and will challenge you both mentally and physically! Hatha yoga focuses more on the therapeutic aspects of each asana or posture and is a more calming, relaxing and restorative practice. Emily teaches Vinyasa flow, Power and Hatha yoga styles, depending on the need of the client or class. Classes can be on a one to one basis or for small groups.