Welcome to the True Vitality 'Love Your Body' Nutrition Plan.


Nutrition is responsible for up to 80% of fat loss!! Working out will change your body shape and tone you up but it is not enough on it's own to achieve a healthy body and mind. As women we all like to feel energised, confident, beautiful and healthy and everyone always asks me, what should I eat?!  


RunningThis Nutrition Plan is based on clean eating, and includes natural and delicious foods in a way that will optimise your body's fat burning potential, even with the occasional healthy indulgence! I love food and through my own research and experiences (as well as those of the many women I have worked with) I have found that by following the principles in this Nutrition Plan along with regular exercise I am able to maintain my optimum shape and lead the healthy and high energy lifestyle that is required by my job and 2 year old daughter! 


This plan is designed to provide you with the tools you need to kick those bad habits, change your eating habits for life, and enjoy it! I am so excited to be able to share this with you all :) By throwing out the diets and changing your lifestyle you will feel fitter, healthier and happier and get YOUR best body, Change your body and start living the healthy and energetic life you have always dreamt of. I can't wait to find out how you get on.


Laura x


Love Your Body Nutrition PlanFor £40 - less than the price of 1 training session! - you will receive your easy to download PDF book with 85 pages of explanations of what to eat, when to eat it and why it is beneficial to your metabolism. Plus hundreds of tasty meal and snack recipes to guide you along the way!


You will also receive:

  • Exclusive monthly emails where Laura will share special recipes as well as exercise, nutrition and motivational tips :) 
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook forum where members can share recipes and their top tips, plus regular updates from Laura to help keep you motivated.
  • The full 14-day Body Blitz which will help you lose up to 7lbs in 2 weeks - a great to kick start your health and fitness regime or perfect to get you in tip top shape for that special party!
  • My top 20 superfoods for fat burning and why I chose the foods listed for you!
  • A grocery list to help you make the best choices.
  • The best exercise for weight loss - including 3 HIIT interval workouts for you to try!
  • How to take your own body measurements.
  • A4 weekly nutrition planner. 
  • Full access to updates and new releases to the Nutrition Plan.