9 Reasons you should begin Your Post-Natal Healthy Lifestyle Today

If you want to change your post-natal body inside and out the best way to start is by learning how to nourish your body with the right foods and move your body daily! Learn to choose what you eat because it is good for you and not because it will help you shed fat! And exercise to the point where you feel stronger and more energised and not to the point where you feel completely exhausted by it.

I completely understand it isn’t always easy…with 15 month old twin boys and a lively 7 year old daughter myself there are inevitably some weeks which are much more difficult than others, but my desire to be the healthiest and happiest mum I can be and to wake up feeling great and looking forward to each day certainly keeps me motivated to move and exercise regularly and to eat well. I generally exercise either while the twins nap or sometimes I grab 15 minutes while they are happy playing to do a short workout, or I will also power walk with them in the buggy or while they are asleep. Of course there are weeks when everyone is ill and it all goes wrong, and others where I have barely slept with the twins waking up and it does often feel like it can be a constant juggle but for me the benefits I get are far more than that of keeping slim (although that is certainly one of my motivating factors!) and this certainly keeps me going.

By following the True Vitality 4 Mums way of life, your body will reward you in so many ways So If changing your lifestyle and becoming healthier, fitter and happier is on your to-list then here are my top 9 reasons to persuade you to get started today!

1. You will look great & get YOUR best body.
By nourishing your body with the right foods you will naturally balance your blood sugar levels which means you will not crave sugar every day (yes you are still allowed treats just not sugar laden ones every day!!) and you will naturally lose weight and shape up without feeling hungry or by following any strict diet plans.

2. You will get your confidence back.
Feeling good in yourself, does wonders for your confidence and how you feel.

3. Your body and digestion will function at optimum health.
The foods in this programme are designed to promote good digestive health, which will mean a flatter tummy, better digestion and absorption of nutrients and clearer skin!

4. It will help regulate your hormones.
This is super important in the post-natal period to help your body return to it’s pre-pregnancy health. Achieving a healthy body weight can bring order to hormone imbalances, as can eating a diet full of ‘clean’ and un-processed foods that are included in this plan. Excess oestrogen reduces your body’s ability to metabolise fatty acids after a meal, making it easier for your body to store fat, and harder for it to burn fat during exercise for energy. The toxins and man made chemicals that are in many foods such as meat and dairy mimic the effect of oestrogen in your body, which is then stored in fat cells.

5. The plan will help heal your body.
The foods on this plan have been chosen to help heal your muscles and tissues after childbirth and they will give you your energy back so you can keep up with your little ones and enjoy every precious moment you have together.

6. Your energy levels will be better than they have ever been!
By eating this way and following the Mums Vitality lifestyle you will balance your sugar levels, gently cleanse your body and feel more energised than you have in a long time!

7. You will improve the health and happiness of your whole family!
By encouraging your husband and children to eat this way you see improvements in their health too and they will also pick up and enjoy your new increase in confidence. Your children will be watching and learning from your new healthy ways and they will create their own healthy habits that will hopefully last a lifetime.

8. You will reduce your chances of getting Post-Natal Depression.
By fuelling your body with the right nutrients you will balance your hormones, nourish your body, stabilise your sugar levels and increase your energy, all of which will help you prevent or help in your recover of post-natal depression.

9. Your skin will glow.
The variety of colours, tastes and textures, and of foods from all groups, means you are optimally nourished, particularly with skin-friendly antioxidants, leaving you energised and glowing.


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