We are immensely proud of the amazing changes our clients achieve and the results and lifestyle changes they maintain

Meera V: "I feel transformed, so energetic and having lost over 15 inches in 12 weeks is amazing! Being educated on what's good for my body and the reassurance of having Laura there when I needed food advice and Emily there for my training - what a great team. I feel so fit and energetic. I've cleaned up my diet and feel like I am on top of the world."

LINZI H: "I wholeheartedly recommend Laura, a personal trainer and nutritional advisor with a real difference: her approach to your health, fitness and wellbeing is personal and wholistic, with all the support and motivation you'll need to achieve your goals. She's also a lovely person to see every week, I sometimes forget that I'm actually exercising! Laura is helping me stay toned and strong throughout my pregnancy, and I know post natal she will be my best route to losing the baby weight." *

JANNA W: "Brilliant personal training with great goals set which I more than achieved. Laura trained me after I had my baby and I ended up much lighter & healthier than even before I was pregnant. Great results!"

YASMIN K: "As a life-long exercise phobe Laura as been fantastic at motivating and advising me on all aspects of fitness and nutrition. She is incredibly patient and great fun to be around. Her knowledge of a variety of health/musculoskeletal issues means that all exercise plans are tailored to the individual. I would definitely recommend True Vitality!"

RUTH R: "Laura is fun, friendly, knowledgable, punctual, reliable, kind and talented. Every session is well planned and intelligently tailored to suit each person in a group class.I have also picked up a few good tips from her blog. I have lost lots of weight and feel more toned and healthier with Laura's help, advice and guidance. I could not recommend her enough."

KAL M: “I had just had my second child and needed to get back into shape fast. On our first meeting Laura asked me about my goals, it was simple, I wanted to get back into my size 10 jeans! I was feeling quite depressed about my body shape and after working out with Laura that all soon changed. Laura even talked me into doing a 5K run and I’ve never run before! Not only is she a fantastic motivator she puts the FUN into training. With Laura’s help I’m now fitter, healthier, happier and I’m now not a size 10 but 8 jeans!” *

LEONA S: "In the 10 years I have known Laura I have always found her to be a consummate professional who practises what she preaches. She works in a warm and friendly, non-judgmental, highly motivating and supportive way. She also happens to be a wonderful person who has become a very good friend. She is quite simply the best!"

FIONA W: “I first started seeing Laura 9 years ago and I dropped from a size 12 to a size 8 over a 6 month period. With Laura’s motivation I now enjoy exercise and a healthy lifestyle is second nature to me. When I fell pregnant in 2008 I continued my sessions to ensure I stayed fit and I also opted for a massage some weeks, which kept me feeling good throughout. After the birth I would take Phoebe with me to the park while I did my workout and within a fortnight I was back in my size 8 jeans (I felt fragile round the midriff!), and at 8 weeks we went away on holiday and I wore my bikini and felt good in it!

NICOLE P: "Fantastic personalised training and nutrition advice. Laura really listens and understands your needs to tailor a plan suited to you. Always supportive and encouraging to get results."

KAREN D: "It’s a real pleasure to recommend Laura. She plans every workout, and the sessions are enjoyable and achievable as we work at my fitness level. Within two months of our first session I’d lost 8lbs, toned up and dropped two dress sizes. Exercising 2-3 times a week is an integral part of my life, I no longer suffer from food induced energy slumps and I can now keep up with 2 very active boys! I’m lighter than before I had kids, a size 10, and more importantly, I love being fit and healthy. In a nutshell, I’ve got the old me back, which I wouldn’t have achieved without Laura’s coaching and support."

JUDY R-L: "Laura is a fabulous, yet very human motivator. She has trained me through two pregnancies & has managed to get me back into my size 10 jeans!"

ANGIE D-T: "Having had 3 babies in 5 years I was so unfit and was pretty intimidated by anything remotely fitness related. Laura is a very easy going, kind and considerate person who made me feel at ease and gave me realistic fitness targets. Laura is a great trainer - she really did give me the fitness bug."

MONA L: "I started training with Laura a year ago shortly after I had given birth, but I was keen to lose my pregnancy weight. Within a year I am back in my old clothes and lighter and more toned than my pre pregnancy weight and figure! As I had a c-section, we started with building the strength back into my core muscle groups, toning and stretching. Under Laura's guidance I started running again after 6 months. I still go to Laura's Cardiotone class every Tuesday in Richmond. The time is ideal as my little one is in bed and there is no excuse for me not to go! I have lost weight, more toned and feel more confident."

LIBBY W: "I really enjoyed my sessions with Laura, she was always 100% reliable, punctual and is clearly genuinely passionate about what she does. The workouts were fun and varied and I was able to make good progress after a minor shoulder op. Laura took the time to speak to my physio so she could plan exactly what exercises would strengthen my shoulder. I only stopped seeing Laura as I moved out of the area, which is a shame as she is very good at what she does."

LAURA S: "Laura is a motivating and well qualified personal trainer. I have been working with her for 4 years, through 2 pregnancies. I enjoy my workouts with her."

ROBERT L: "Laura has been a fantastic support and trainer for the last 10 years. She's always been knowledgeable, reliable and very helpful with my fitness regime from dietary suggestions to exercise."

ELAINE R: "Thoroughly recommend True Vitality. Laura is a fantastic trainer."

KATE V: "Laura is a great motivator and a fantastic trainer. She really knows her stuff and helped me get back into the swing of things after baby number two." *